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What is Super Soil?

Super Soil is our own special blend formulated with our Cannabis Growing customers in mind. More information can be found here but, in a nutshell, it is a high end potting soil which will enhance the growth of most plants you choose to grow in it. Many of our customers who grow annual flowers like to mix our Super Soil with compost and/or loam to create a superior soil for their gardens. Packed full of nutrients and blended right here in Poland, Maine, we feel it is our very best potting soil.

What is Super Soil?

What material should I use on my driveway?

Typically, driveways should be designed with ¾” crushed gravel on the top layers, but can range all the way up to 3” crushed gravel.  If you are looking to fix your driveway after a rough Maine winter season, and are not sure what to use, send us an email with a picture of the driveway, and a close-up of the gravel with some type of object to be used as a scale (a quarter would work fine). You could also bring by a sample and we can match it for you on-site. Creating a new driveway? Give us a call and we will be happy to inform you on the proper layering and gravels that should be used. Also, we can deliver as much or as little as you like. 

What material should I use in my driveway?

I have a daycare, what can I use on my playground?

A daycare is a little tricky because you have to have certified safe materials to protect those little ones who love putting everything they find in their mouths! We carry an un-treated, un-dyed bark mulch, called Certified Playground Chips, approved for children’s playgrounds. Some people also like to use small pea stone- while it has an incredible look, it can be pricey. You could also use rubber chips, all options can either be found on-site or ordered at our store.

I have a daycare. What can I use on my playground?

What is the difference between your landscape and park mix grass seed?

Park mix is a certified Maine Method 1 DOT spec grass seed mix that is made of primarily creeping red fescue, Kentucky bluegrass and chewing’s fescue. Landscape mix is a premium mix used by many landscapers, and is composed primarily of creeping red fescue, Kentucky bluegrass and perennial ryegrass. We recommend the latter for a home lawn.

What is the difference between your landscape
and park mix grass seed?

What is 19-19-19 Fertilizer?

This stands for 19% Nitrogen, 19%  Phosphate, and 19% Potash. This is a balanced, water-soluble fertilizer that provides necessary nutrients and promotes root growth and development.  It is great for lawns, vegetable gardens, row crops, pastures, and ornamentals, and is compromised of food-grade safe ingredients. 19-19-19 has a recommended application time of early morning or last evening for maximum efficiency, and should not be used during drought or in drought-stressed areas. 

What is 19-19-19 Fertilizer?

What can I do with lime?

Lime is a naturally occurring rock that is high in calcium, and can be used for a variety of purposes. Lime reduces the acidity of soil, which will increase growth as soils with a pH level below 5.5 will have a difficult time producing anything. Lime can also be used when burying your precious family pets after passing away, which aids in the decomposing process and fends off other wild animals from digging up the area. 

What can I do with lime?

What product should I use under the drip edge of my home?

A 3/4” crushed stone is typically used around the edge of the home. It allows for a modern look and easy drainage without the backsplash of the dripping water. 

What material should I use under the drip edge of my home?

What type of sand should I use in my child's sandbox?

We carry a very fine sand called pool/play sand which can be used for putting in pools and for filling up your sandbox. While the toys may be full of sand, your child won't be and it will provide hours of entertainment! 

What type of sand should I use for my child's sandbox?

What is the difference between compost and manure?

Straight cow manure is just that, cow manure from a local farm right here in Poland, Maine.

We offer other composts and our very own Super Soil - you can read all about them here. But, in a nutshell, our composts varieties offer different nutrients for various applications as well personal preference, whereas cow manure is favored as a good old staple which you can be used in pretty much any application.

What is the difference between your composts and manure?

Can I use loam in my garden?

Yes you can! Loam is also known as top-soil, but you will still want to add a fertilizer of some sort, such as one of our composts, cow manure, or some other fertilizer such as 19-19-19. You may want to do some research about what you’re planting to find out what is best to use in the soil for each particular plant. Keep in mind that loam is highly susceptible to growth of weeds, so a thick layer of mulch is recommended in flower gardens.

Can I use loam in my garden?

What is the best product for my garden?

We recommend doing some research on what you’re trying to grow. Likely, the best option will always be to mix loam (also known as top-soil) with a fertilizer, whether it be a compost or a manure, or a man-made fertilizer product. Save your back! We can mix that up for you on site if you pick it up, or deliver it to you already mixed, at no extra charge! The standard rule of thumb is to use a 50/50 loam to compost mix in new raised beds. For established gardens, we recommend working compost into the soil during the spring. Before planting seeds or seedlings, spread 2 inches of compost over the garden area, then till the compost into the soil at a depth of 6 to 8 inches.

What is best for my garden?

How much product can I put in the back of my truck and/or trailer?

That depends on the size of your truck/trailer and the weight of the material being picked up. For instance, a pickup truck can generally carry more mulch than gravel or manure, given the mulch is relatively dry. Typically a pickup can take about a yard of most materials, but we don’t want to steer anyone in the wrong direction here, so give us a call! Don't forget we deliver to almost anywhere!

How much product can I put in the back of my truck
and/or trailer?

How much product do I need for my project?

Time to grab a tape measure! In order to figure out how much of a certain product you need, first measure the dimensions of the area you want your product to cover and plug the numbers into our calculator. If you need help, don't hesitate to call and we will walk you through it.

How much product do I need for my project?

What is reclaim?

Reclaim is a byproduct that comes from the recycling of old asphalt. It’s a great alternative to paving your driveway, and holds up incredibly well. Chances are you know someone who has a driveway made from reclaim. It’s much less expensive than paving and with a little research and muscle, can be done by the homeowner themselves!

What is reclaim?

I need mulch! How do I match what I currently have?

If you can bring us a sample of the mulch you currently have, we can match it to the various colors we carry. Please be sure to bring a sample from the top layer as well as some from as far under the surface as possible.

I need mulch! How can I match what I currently have?

I live pretty far away. How far do you deliver?

We have made some pretty extraordinary deliveries in our time. We have even delivered out to different coastal islands that involved ferrying across the ocean! Basically, if we have what you need and you’re willing to pay for delivery, we will get it to you. There is no minimum delivery quantity required.

I live pretty far away. How far will you deliver?

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