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What is it?  Why Use it?  What do we offer?

Natural mulch is typically made from tree bark and is used to conserve soil moisture, improve the fertility and health of the soil, and reduce weed growth. Many use it to enhance the beauty of their gardens and outdoor spaces as well. Mulching helps your plants, shrubs and trees maintain healthy root systems by protecting them from frost, cold and harmful UV rays. Mulch naturally suppresses weed growth and adds nutrients to the soil for thriving, healthy plants.

The main varieties of mulch we offer are made from the bark of hemlock, pine, spruce, and cedar trees. We carry a selection of dyed and natural mulches to fit everyone's desires and budgets. 

Here are the varieties of mulch we offer:


This rich colored, aged softwood bark mulch is color enhanced with environmentally safe dye and is known to hold its color well. Pitch Black is our most popular mulch due to its rich color, aroma, and versatility. Contains only virgin wood. 

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Our Red Cedar Mulch is a virgin brown cedar enhanced with a non-toxic vibrant red color. The rich red hue is very striking and highly sought after.  The aromatic scent of this popular mulch acts as a natural insect repellant and keeps customers coming back as they love the color and quality. 

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The rich, dark color of our Dark Brown Mulch offers a simple touch of beauty to all your outdoor spaces. The natural look of the brown color is known to retain its deep hue throughout the season. Natural look without the natural fade, how can you go wrong? Contains only virgin bark from spruce trees.

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Bark Based Erosion Control Mulch, also known as Budget Mulch, is a mixture of bark mulch and wood fiber. This mix meets the State of Maine standards for erosion control. More economical than our premium mulches, some customers choose this as a budget friendly mulch for their gardens. It often varies in color and texture.

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Our "certified safe" playground chips are processed using virgin softwood so the chips are clean and fresh. IPEMA certified to ASTM F1292 standards for use on and around playground equipment. We deliver these chips to many local daycare facilities as they meet all state requirements for outdoor play areas. It's also used in gardens or walkways for its natural yet uniform look.

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Basic Black Mulch is more coarse than our Pitch Black mulch, and a budget friendly alternative made from bark, logs, and grindings. It is color enhanced with non-toxic dye. Suitable for landscape projects and gardens alike. This is a popular product for projects that may need a touch of color but also need to keep the budget in mind.  

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As its name implies, this mulch is straight Natural Cedar. Not color enhanced at all, the natural color will add beauty to any garden or outdoor project. The added benefit of cedar's natural insect repellent qualities will help keep pesky bugs off your plants and is helpful in dog play areas as well.

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Our light brown mulch has quickly become a popular mulch! It offers a natural enhancement to your outdoor space which pleases the eye and also comes with an amazing aroma. Made from pine and spruce, we lovingly call this "Christmas in the Forest". 

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Trail mix consists of wood chips, leafy material, sticks, pine needles, etc. It is a mix of virgin soft and hard woods. Popular with mushroom farmers, blueberry growers, and those building woods trails, this is our most budget friendly variety of "mulch". Offered screened or unscreened.

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~Helpful Tips Regarding Mulching~

There are generally two periods you should be mulching. After the ground has thawed in the spring, a 2" layer of mulch should be applied to your garden beds.  A second layer of mulch applied in the fall, after the ground begins to freeze, will help to insulate and protect your plants.

It's generally not a good idea to place mulch directly in contact
 with stems or tree trunks as excess moisture will be retained around the base of the plant.  Soil that is too wet can bring about a whole host of diseases.  Giving the base of your plants and shrubs room to breathe will help your plants thrive.

Mulch applied too thickly can cause a lot of problems. When wood mulches are over 3" deep, a thatch-like mat can form, keeping water from penetrating through to the soil below. Good intentions of protecting your plants from too-thick mulch can suddenly deprive the plants of the moisture they need to live. Mulch that stays damp can also contribute to root and stem rot problems in addition to depriving plants of needed oxygen.

Replacing the mulch will help to continue enriching your soil and keep your garden fertile. Not sure when it's time to replace the mulch? The color and appearance will be a good clue. Many of our mulches retain color longer than traditional mulch, but as it fades you will learn to recognize that as a sign to renew your mulch and refresh your plants as well as the appearance of your garden. Many experienced gardeners completely replace the mulch every spring to keep their gardens as healthy as possible.

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We supply a large variety of materials necessary for home and construction projects. Garden soil, super soil, compost, bark mulch, sand, and gravel are the main products offered. Can't find what you need? Let us know and we will do our best to help! 
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